Artistic contributions

“AI AESTHETICS IN ART” opening talk with Natalia Fuchs, Chris Salter, Peter Kirn
“On cyberbots, Internet animals and mechanical life: discussing the theory and practice of artistic research” Emilio Vavarella
“AI Art as a method” discussion with Natalia Fuchs, Chris Salter, Peter Kirn
“Transfiguration” artist talk with Hexorcismos x Isabella Salas
“DO YOU LIKE CYBER?” Installation by Emilio Vavarella
“Notation AI” artist talk with Ilia Symphocat x Xenia Sangina
MIMESIS by Fuse*
“Artificial Intelligence: from research to art practice” with Natalya Soboleva
“AI: What’s art got to do with it?” artist Talk by Chris Salter
Studio Visits – Joe Davis
Studio Visits – Lu Yang
Studio Visits – ::v-tol::
“ALONE”, A salute from Ingolstadt with Mira Fajfer actress, and Stefano di Buduo, video artist
ctrl+cut – ::vtol::
“Imental music tape”, Symphocat
“NOTATION AI”AV Performance by Symphocat (Russia) x Xenia Sangina (Russia) x MDI Ensemble (Italy)
“Transfiguration”, AV Performance by HEXORCISMOS (Mexico/Germany) & Isabella Salas (Mexico/Canada)